LCDC performs “Dogg’s Hamlet”

Seán McGlone – 1851 Staff

Lasell College Drama Club recently put on their production of “Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s MacBeth.” The play, made up of two unorthodox takes of Shakespeare’s plays, takes a new look at language and how it affects interactions between people.

In “Dogg’s Hamlet” a group of private school students who speak the made-up language, “Dogg,” are setting up for their production of “Hamlet” when they are visited by Easy, played by Sarah Gelineau, the delivery woman who only speaks English. Throughout the play, the group of students must learn to work together to set up the stage for the show without understanding what the other is saying.

“Macbeth” is a political play centered around a place where people aren’t allowed to perform due to very strict censorship rules. The law is enforced by the Inspector, played by Spencer Kosior.

“This was actually the first play that I’ve ever been a part of acting on stage,” said Kosior. “As the Inspector, I had a lot of lines. Whenever someone would have a line, I would have a monologue that I’d have to speak and remember all of the words exactly or else it would make no sense.”

The Inspector’s efforts are soon thwarted once Easy, the delivery woman from Dogg’s Hamlet, arrives and begins to teach the people the language of Dogg. The Inspector isn’t able to arrest anyone because he can’t understand what they’re, saying so the people have won.

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