New DCFC is beautiful, familiar

Krista DeJulio – Features Editor

Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie (DCFC) has one of the most recognizable voices in indie-pop music, even more so in his most recent album released March 31. DCFC is the type of band that plays when you are at the grocery store and even though you’ve never heard the song, you just know it is DCFC.

The smooth, friendly voice of Gibbard recently gave fans an eighth album by DCFC, “Kintsugi.” Kintsugi is the craft of treating a broken piece of pottery with powdered gold or silver to piece the piece of art back together. The title is appropriate because of the apparent heartbreak and sadness Gibbard vocalizes throughout the 11-track album.

“Kintsugi” is the much-anticipated follow-up album to DCFC’s 2011 hit “Codes and Keys.” Although popular since their debut album in 1998, the band never reached commercial success until “Codes and Keys.”

DCFC is your typical indie-pop band in a not-so-typical way. It’s the band your friends tried to start in high school, but this band uniquely, unlike some, became successful. They surprise listeners with their simple lyrics and repetitive music style, but somehow you like it. They are the band next door.

This album is filled with heartbreak and sadness heard through Gibbard’s voice and lyrics. The album is melancholy, but in the best of ways. The lyrics are catchy and fans will find themselves singing along to the saddest of lyrics. The album is nostalgic, beautiful and relatable.

With the departure of guitarist-producer Chris Walla in August, this is the band’s first album without Walla.

Standout tracks: “Black Sun,” “The Ghosts of Beverley Drive,” “You’ve Haunted Me All My Life,” “Ingenue,” “Binary Sea”

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