Professor nominated for writing award

Haleigh Santilli – 1851 Staff

Chair of Art and Graphic Design and Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Kenneth Calhoun, was nominated for the PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize, an award given to authors for his or her debut novel.

Calhoun’s nomination was for his debut novel, “Black Moon,” which was released last year and can be found in Brennan Library. Although he was placed in the long list of runner-ups, Calhoun still sees it as an honor.

“It’s always a boost for a writer to get recognition like that,” said Calhoun. “[The nomination] made me feel proud.”

Calhoun previously won the PEN/O Henry Prize in 2011 for his short story, “Nightblooming,” earning a great deal of credibility in the writing world.

Although Calhoun didn’t make the short list of runner ups and won’t win the grand prize of $25,000, just being nominated will advance his career and
help promote his next book.

The PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize is “a big deal in the writing world,” said Calhoun. “[The nomination] adds to your reputation.”

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