Severe winter impacts baseball season

Photo by Tom Horak
Photo by Tom Horak

Samantha Plumley and Michelle Port  – 1851 Staff

The mountains of snow that plagued New England this winter proved to be more impactful than anyone expected. Lasell’s baseball team experienced a slow start to their season, but overcame their frustrating situation.

Each year, the baseball team travels to to Fort Myers, Florida to escape the cold and improve their skills. Spring training allows the team to practice in ideal weather and provides the opportunity to play a string of games, which are not impacted by the erratic weather.

The team’s spring break was not spent entirely about business. There was a strong focus on developing chemistry within the team, making sure the freshmen become comfortable with the other players.

“A lot of the guys don’t know each other starting out, and by the end of that week we grow really close because we’re together 95 percent of the time,” said senior A.J. McKenzie.

The record-setting winter greatly impacted their season. The team faced limitations when they were restricted to practices in gym.

“Typically we’re inside before we go to Florida, that’s pretty common. But I don’t think we’ve ever had to come back from Florida and go back into the gym to practice,” said Head Coach Greg Harjula.

Many games were postponed or cancelled early in the season due to the inclement weather, which made the end of the season busy. As a last resort, the team traveled to a turf facility in Marlborough for games.

“Several games got cancelled. We were practicing indoors later this year than we ever have before,”
said co-captain Greg Sherman.

“Now that we’re outside and the weather is awesome, it’s kind of what everyone has been looking for,” said Harjula.

The highly anticipated warm weather and snow melt granted the team access to finally practice on the field outside. Despite the field being off-campus at Brandeis University, there is a large turnout of fans at the games. On game day, parents, students and alumni are in full attendance to support the team.

The nine seniors on the team will be hard to replace. The seniors possess strong leadership qualities that are crucial for the prosperity of the team. “It has been awesome to see them grow as players and men,” said Harjula.

Although the seniors will no longer be playing as Lasers, baseball will always be a part of their lives.

“I love baseball. I’m sure I’ll be playing some form of it after I graduate, maybe even coach someday,” said Sherman.

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