Sophomore drafts student “Bill of Rights” Reply

Photo by Shannon Pasco

Photo by Shannon Pasco

Haleigh Santilli – 1851 Staff

We the Students, a club aiming to educate students about their rights, originally started out as sophomore legal studies major, Abbi Murphy’s honors component. Murphy realized as the research for her component progressed, the idea of forming a club became more necessary.

When forming the component, Murphy wanted to model a student’s “Bill of Rights,” after the United States Constitution “Bill of Rights.” In Murphy’s component, she drafts a Lasell College Bill of Rights, aptly titled “We the Students.”

“I’m making a component version of it and I’m making a club version of it,” said Murphy.

Murphy’s goal for the club doesn’t stop at drafting the Lasell College Bill of Rights. She also wants to educate students, staff, and faculty about the rights of the students. The club’s educational motive has the possibility to create a more unified student body, and connections with professors and faculty around the school.

“Professors who don’t know about the rights students have, should know as well,” said Murphy.

Students are sometimes hesitant expressing themselves because they may not know what their rights are. “We the Students” will gear towards helping students understand they have rights and how they can address them if necessary.

“[It’s] good for students to know their rights,” said Murphy.

Murphy believes the rights will be able to bring forth student empowerment, and hopes students will recognize their rights are valued and can be useful. As another part of the club’s function, students would be able to express their views and address different cases for discussion, such as the current political and rights movements. Those discussions and topics will be able to help continue to draft the student’s Bill of Rights.

Although the club isn’t final yet, Murphy hopes her component is ready for the last step of the process, and the club becomes an outlet for students. She plans to focus on molding the club this summer, so it will be ready to be created for the fall semester and be featured at the Fall Activities Fair.

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