Spring is in the air Reply

Shapleigh Webster – Copy Editor

I love snow. My hometown is right off of Route 31, a 15-minute drive from Wachusett Mountain. I’m used to the snow as it always seems like we get more than everyone else.

I transferred here last fall from Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, MA, a school whose aesthetic is nothing in comparison to Lasell. Part of the reason I chose Lasell is the beauty, and I have to say that even with 110 inches of snow, the school looked spectacular.

Although I love Lasell in the snow, what I love even more is Lasell in the spring. We first hit 70 degrees on April 13, opening day at Fenway. When I came home from work, what I saw made me realize why I chose Lasell.

I saw beautiful flowers lining the sidewalks of Lasell Village, students outside on the quad doing homework, having cookouts, and playing frisbee. For the first time since October, I saw people walking down the street without coats, hats, or mittens.

What is better than Lasell in the spring? You go to school on one of the most beautiful campuses around, you get to witness one of the biggest and toughest marathons in the world, and you live no more than 20 minutes away from one of the greatest cities in the world.

The only thing better than Lasell in the spring is Boston in the spring. Named one of the most walkable cities in America, it’s easy to navigate, making it almost impossible to excuse not to spending at least one beautiful spring day in the city.

Home to America’s oldest ballpark, countless pubs and restaurants, the Duck Boats, and four championship teams, there’s a lot to see in Boston. There’s just something magical about Lasell and Boston in the spring. But don’t take it from me, go find out for yourself.

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