Students violate parking on campus 1

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

Levi Flood – Contributing Writer

Lasell saw a sharp rise in the number of parking violations during spring 2015.

There are more than 1,284 residential students at Lasell. Assuming a quarter of them are freshmen, leaves roughly 963 students with only 382 parking spaces available. There are also 380 commuters, although they have a measly 128 spots available for their vehicles. Is it any wonder that there never seems to be parking available?

Yes, it is a wonder. Of those roughly 963 non-freshman residents only 126 applied for parking permits, and of the 380 commuters only 45 applied for permits. So of 510 available spots, only 171 are currently reserved.

Despite the apparent availability of parking, a dramatic increase in the number of parking violations this semester resulted in about 50 vehicles being towed.

Lasell has a parking problem, but the problem isn’t the administration, it’s the students. While it may be inconvenient to pay for a parking permit, that inconvenience pales in comparison to the struggle of others who are constantly late for class or forced to walk across campus to their dorms.

But this is exactly what happens when non-permitted cars monopolize the availability of parking around campus. The solution? Campus Police hands out tickets for parking violations and can order nonpermitted vehicles to be towed. Problems arise when students ignore tickets they receive and fail to pay them.

While Campus Police may not come knocking every time a student tosses a ticket in the trash, those violations stack up. When the car is inevitably towed, forgotten tickets are there waiting; because towed vehicles cannot be released until all outstanding parking violations are paid.

For one Lasell student these violations came to a staggering total of $900. Now consider all fines double after 21 days of non-payment, and students must come up with $1,800 in order for his or her car to be released.

Payment plans are available in such cases, but it is much easier to pay a fraction of that sum at the beginning of the semester for a permit than to pony up hundreds of summer break dollars to get a car back.

Pay for your parking permit. The process is quick, the cost is low, and it’s the right thing to do. Until you do, you’re in my spot.

One comment

  1. Cost is not low, its OVERPRICED. Why pay 520 when you aren’t even guaranteed a spot & then when you have to park somewhere else since theres no spots in your lot, they give you a ticket ANYWAYS. The best part – you submit an appeal, and they don’t even bother looking at it. You email the front desk of campus police, and still get no response.

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