Transition from athlete to Lunatic Reply

Brianna Robbins Sports Editor

In just three weeks I will be walking across the stage on Taylor Field. I am not sure what will be harder, the life post-Lasell or post student-athlete. The opportunity of earning my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sports Communication and the first one in my entire family to earn a college degree is a huge honor. I found being able to play a sport at the collegiate level is just as muchof an honor. The life post collegiate athletics is a hard one to adjust to. After losing in the first round of playoffs last semester in field hockey, I thought life was over. When my eligibility for playing field hockey had ran its course, it felt like a break up of a longterm relationship. I had to adjust to my new life without daily practices, games two or three days a week and waking up early on Saturday mornings to ride on the bus for the games played far away.

I admit to being bitter towards other teams because I envied what they still had. The feeling of excitement in the locker room before a game, listening to pump-up music while warming up for the game, the adrenaline passed from fans to the players and even the feeling of wanting to throw up at practice from conditioning.

One way to adjust was taking up the position president of the Laser Lunatics Club, also known as the super fan club. This was a great opportunity to be a part of athletics but from the perspective of the bleachers instead of the team bench. This was the first semester of the club and just like any club, we had to start somewhere.

Our first event was whiteout basketball games when returning from Christmas break. The event wasn’t bad as the first event for the new club because there were many students who wore white, even the head coaches from both teams did. The only problem was students were spread out all around the track and the different sets of bleachers and was not as effective as the club had hoped.

One of our next events was wearing all white and supporting the men’s volleyball team in their GNAC (Great Northeast Athletic Conference) semifinal game versus Wentworth Institute of Technology. We handed out Laser Lunatic white t-shirts to members of the clubs and a few students who displayed spirit the night of the game.

The club also decided to print out three large cutouts of the heads of three players to hold during the event. This event was a success and hope to see more events from the club next year like this one.

For all the students who are lucky enough to return to Lasell this fall stay involved in athletics. If you are an athlete, keep working hard in the off and on season to not only better yourself but better the program you are involved in. If you are a non-athlete, make sure to come out and support all teams as much as possible. One of my favorite things about Lasell is the small community we were able to call a family. A family sticks together, through the good and bad times. Until next time, stay classy my fellow Lasers.

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