Vautrin makes strong impact on court 1

Photo by Tom Horak

Photo by Tom Horak

Brianna Robbins Sports Editor

Junior Jeff Vautrin, originally from Chicopee, Mass., started his college career in his hometown at Elms College and transferred to Lasell. Since joining the team, Vautrin made a name for himself by being placed on the GNAC All-Conference First Team this year. He earned this title by his hitting percentage of his .312 and ranked second among GNAC leaders with 3.79 kills per set. Vautrin also led the GNAC in total kills with 360.

How’d you find out about Lasell?
Drew Caruso texted me one day saying, “Hey you should come play volleyball,” and then I came here. That is exactly how it happened. My original plan was to go to DI school in California to play volleyball and my parents did not want me to go there. I ended up going to a local school for one year to try and figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

What is your favorite part about being on the men’s volleyball team?
The family you have once you join the team. It is really nice to have such a strong support group. Every guy on the team is like your brother. We are always together on and off the court, which helps ensure the close connection

How did you feel when you were going into the GNAC Championship game?
I was very, very excited. A little nervous at first because I had never played in a crowd such as the GNAC finals, but I was really excited. I know it was a big game for everyone. We were all experiencing a championship game together for the first time. Then we became the first volleyball team to win the GNAC in Lasell history, which was an amazing feeling.

What was the feeling after the GNAC championship?
The post-game feeling was amazing! I could not stop smiling and kept hugging everyone. I actually met a lot of people after the game just by hugging them. It was the best feeling ever. No one on the team had words. We were all just jumping around, running and screaming. It was amazing.

What do you hope to take away from this season and bring into next season?
Hopefully our work ethic. Everyone started our hard work in the off-season last fall by going into the gym early morning before classes. After classes we were out on playing on the beach court then hopefully find our way back in the gym once the fall sports were done in there. Since everyone was working so hard in the off-season, we were all prepared mentally and physical for the regular season to start.

What is a fun fact about you?
Most people don’t know I am a Mormon.

Once Vautrin finishes his career at Lasell in December of 2016, he hopes to continue onto graduate school in Hawaii or California. He then hopes to start a career as either a strengthen and conditioning coach for a DI school or a coach for DI volleyball team. If he can find his way to it, he would love to pursue a career as a volleyball player over seas.

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