Foil Foodie: Dorm Room Ribs

By Levi Flood – Contributing Writer

For our final Foil Foodie recipe we have ribs that you can make in your dorm room! If you thought that great ribs could only be had on the grill, think again. This recipe originated from from username Not-2-Sweet. The recipe has been modified for use in this series.

Serves 2

1          Rack of baby-back ribs                       $6.11

1          18-ounce bottle of your BBQ sauce   $0.99

8          Spoon-fulls of brown sugar                $1.19

1          Spoon-full of paprika                         $1.79

Total: $10.08


  1. Set the oven at 300°F.
  2. Mix a quarter of all ingredients separately into four solo cups.
  3. Cut the rack of ribs into fourths. Place each section onto a double layer of aluminum foil.
  4. Using your spoon, spread the contents of one solo cup evenly over one side of the four sections of ribs.
  5. Flip the ribs over and repeat step 4 with the contents of a second cup.
  6. Cover each section of ribs with two more layers of foil and crimp the edges to make a basket.

    Photo by Levi Flood
    Photo by Levi Flood
  7. Place in the oven for 2 ½ hours.
  8. Remove ribs from oven and remove the top layer of foil.
  9. Turn oven on broil.
  10. Spread the contents of a third cup over one side of the ribs and broil for 2 minutes, or until the sauce begins to bubble.
  11. Flip ribs over and repeat step 10 with the last cup.
  12. Enjoy!

Top Tip:

  • Fair warning that when taking the ribs out there will be a lot of hot juices that can burn and will also need to be drained.

And that’s all for Foil Foodie. I hope you all have had as much fun as I have!

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