Honors retreat greets newbies Reply

By Haleigh Santilli – Arts and Entertainment Editor 

On Saturday, September 12, the Honors Program held the first ever Honors retreat. The retreat was an idea born from junior Briana Wrubleski, an exercise science major, and brought to reality with Hillary Brown, a junior fashion merchandising major.

“The idea behind the retreat started during my time as a senator on the Student Government Association,” said Wrubleski “I worked with Steph Athey to figure out ways to better the retention rate of the Honors Program and this is where my idea of the retreat started.”

“I thought the suggestion was great because when freshman start Lasell, the Honors Program seems really scary and it’s hard to feel comfortable or even know people you can go to for help if you have questions,” said Brown.

The retreat was similar to an Honors orientation of sorts, with a Q&A panel, letting the students know what the Honors Program entails, and team bonding activities. There was “a group activity where everyone split up to decorate a cake and they had to come up with a theme,” said Brown. “There was a lot of laughs and now everyone that was there has some resources.”

Although the retreat didn’t have all the Honors students attend, those who attended were having fun engaging with one another. “This was an awesome sight to see students who barely knew each other in the morning to friends two hours later,” said Wrubleski.

“I would advertise a bit more,” said Wrubleski in hopes for another Honors retreat next year, “I would also like to keep it as short as possible too, to keep the attention of the students. Overall, this retreat went really well for the first time and I am very thankful to have Hillary and Steph Athey’s help.”

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