College hires 10 new profs Reply

By Sarah Wright – 1851 Staff

Lasell welcomed 10 new full-time professors this year in order to meet the increasing number of students attending the college. New faculty hires include:

Karen Hamilton, Associate Professor of Finance; Gavin Hurley, Assistant Professor of English; Kristin Kinsky, Visiting Assistant Professor of Fashion; Julie Kjeer, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Betsy Leondar-Wright, Assistant Professor of Sociology; Bruce McKinnon, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship; Siddharth Mobar, Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Event Management; Nithya Shankar, Assistant Professor of Marketing; Daniel Sargeant, Assistant Professor of Sports Management; Christianna Eason (Spring 2016).

Gavin Hurley, Assistant Professor of English and Betsy Leondar-Wright, Assistant Professor of Sociology, are looking forward to the 2015-16 term.

Hurley joins Lasell after teaching writing at the University of Rhode Island, Johnson and Wales University, and Roger Williams University.

“I was a punk-rock kid, very anti-establishment,” Hurley said.

This punk-rock past influenced his writing, and allowed him to connect with the “creative energy” of his freshmen students. Having been a part of a heavy-metal band fascinates them.

“I just see writing as empowering,” Hurley says to students who are not fans of writing. “You need to write cover letters and [have] speaking skills, which writing gives you. It opens up doors.”

Leondar-Wright comes to Lasell after being an adjunct instructor at Harvard, Tufts, and Boston College. “One of my goals is to make more connections for Lasell students with Boston-area social justice organizations,” said Leondar-Wright.

She plans to achieve her goal through networking to create internship and work-study opportunities. The assignments in her upcoming spring course, “Social Change in Action,” will require students to work together to create a campaign for change around social injustice.

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