Cramped gyms cause stir Reply

By Tim Kelleher – Opinion Editor

Lasell is home to an abundance of student-athletes in addition to students who like to stay healthy and in shape by committing to a daily exercise routine.

With the expansion of school facilities to accommodate the increasing numbers, one facility seems left out. It’s come to students’ attention that the workout facilities remain the same. Although recently upgraded with new equipment, the two gyms, located in Valentine and McClelland Hall, still lack the space to fit students comfortably.

It’s obvious why people do not like to be too close to one another while working out. Students who frequent these facilities sometimes scope out the premises beforehand to see how crowded the area is. It is hard to get more than four feet away from the person next to you. Privacy is necessary, even in the form of personal space, especially to students who are nervous or embarrassed to step foot inside the gym.

“Rush hours” result in crowds forming in the gym. With around 300 student athletes, even half of them working out in the gyms consistently leaves no room for the rest of the school. How can students exercise to relieve stress when going to the gym causes more?

This leaves the student body scratching their heads, wondering, what is the answer? Expansion is an option. This solution is as easy as far as ideas go, but turns into a huge project, especially for administration. Lasell’s $21 million project, set to combine Wolfe with a new structure, leaves the school tight on spending money.

Long-term there is a good possibility of expansion, especially with the school gaining more interest. The more students come to Lasell, the more it becomes necessary for the college to both upgrade and expand our athletic facilities.

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