Football comes to campus Reply

By Ryan Fitzgerald – Sports Editor

Lasell’s first Football Club, organized by sophomores Tim Kelleher and Jose Delgado, will strive to leave a lasting impression. The two students have a passion for football and want to create a team that will compete in a full contact league, the Intercollegiate Club Football Federation.

The club saw success at the Activities Fair receiving 46 signatures, enough to start a team. “Everyone is really excited and we were surprised at the number of people who signed up to the club at the activities fair,” says Delgado.

The club has gained a lot of support from students and psychology professor Jeffrey Lacure has already expressed interest in coaching the team.

The motivation behind the club comes not only from the students love of the sport, but their desire to see the student body become more of a community. Delgado said, “The amount of school spirit that will stem from the team playing is something that I believe Lasell really needs.”

Kelleher has a plan for equipment saying, “We’ll be reaching out to college and high school coaches to see if they have any used equipment available because all we need to do is get the pads refurbished by a professional to be cleared to play in.”

As far as practicing, Kelleher would like to see the team’s activities stay on campus saying, “Right now we’re trying to keep it at Lasell, but for a backup plan we’re looking into Brandeis University or Newton high schools.”

“I want the opponent to go from saying, ‘What is a Laser?’ to saying, ‘Oh no here come the Lasers,’” said Delgado.

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