Girl confused by republicans Reply

Illustration by Brandi Johnson

Illustration by Brandi Johnson

By Krista DeJulio – Co-Editor-in-Chief

The second Republican debate was held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Wednesday, September 16. I like to consider myself a politically savvy person, but I don’t know half of the Republicans who are running. There were 11 candidates present at the debate this month and the infamous Donald Trump was there. I hate living in a world where people take Donald Trump seriously and think his ideas for this country could actually work.

The beginning of the debate included the candidates trashing Trump and somehow trashing President Obama at the same time. Scott Walker stated that we didn’t need another apprentice in the White House because we already had one. Ouch. Trump talked about his success as a businessman and how he’s actually been in politics his entire life (what?). Jeb Bush admitted to smoking marijuana while in high school 40 years ago then tweeted “Sorry Mom.” Is that supposed to help me relate, Jeb?

This debate was uninteresting. Trump wasn’t in high spirits and didn’t really yell at anyone. I respect Carly Fiorina for being the only woman amongst the male candidates, but she left me uninterested as well. Bush attempted to get Trump to apologize to Bush’s wife, who is Mexican-American, as Trump recently tweeted about her and is extremely anti-immigration.

I didn’t learn much from the Republican debate. I already knew I wasn’t voting Republican (I’ve been a registered Democrat since I turned 18) and this debate just enforces my thoughts. A lot of issues, like gun control, voting rights, and racial justice, were ignored at the debate and it seems like those issues will stay ignored.

It was Republicans who helped me realize my hippie, liberal ways when Obama ran again in 2012 and that is probably the only thing I can ever thank a Republican for.

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