Move in gets mixed reactions Reply

By Michelle Port – 1851 Staff

The start of September began the class of 2019’s college journey, as carloads of freshmen filled the campus on Saturday, September 5. Returning students waited until Labor Day, two days after the freshmen, to settle in. Move-in day is different for everybody and with classes only 24 hours away, positiveand negative feedback about the schedule surfaced.

Welcome Weekend takes place days before undergraduate classes start. This is a time when the campus is filled with freshmen, Resident Assistants, and athletes who returned early for pre-season. For freshmen, the first weekend at college is spent adjusting to a new lifestyle. They settle into living on their own for the first time while exploring the campus and Boston.

“I think it was good just to have the freshmen [on campus] to meet some new friends and get to know people before the upperclassmen came,” said freshman Colin Harvey.

The early arrival for new students gives them a chance to find their footing in new surroundings.

“Our sense is if we can bring them in, even just a few days ahead of time, we can really give them the attention we believe they deserve in order to get off to a really good start,” said Diane Austin, Vice President of Student Affairs.

But for upperclassmen, moving in on Labor Day, the day before classes start, proves to be hectic. Settling into a new house or residence hall in one day while preparing for classes is the definition of stressful.

“I understand they want the [new students] to have their time to move in and have Welcome Weekend without the anxiety of having all the older students around,” said junior Courtney Doelling. “It’s just not fair to some students. I feel we should be able to be back at school without the stress of having classes the next day.”

Upperclassmen already established a presence at Lasell and with prior knowledge of what to expect when they arrive on campus, some students feel moving in should be a no-brainer. “Seeing as we’re upperclassmen, we didn’t really need to adjust to being back as much as the freshmen did,” said sophomore Rachel Yore.

Hopefully next fall, Residential Life can work to accommodate new students and upperclassmen, both of whom deserve a stress-free move-in schedule.

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