Orientation leaders kick off fall semester Reply


Twelve orientation leaders welcomed the class of 2019 and transfer students to campus over the summer. Photo courtesy of Lasell Student Activities

By Rosemary Leger – Copy-editor

Summer is a time of opportunity. Many students take internships, jobs, or travel. Some students stay on campus. They’re called orientation leaders and this year they had the pleasure of welcoming the incoming class of 2019.

All first-year and transfer students go through the orientation process, and every Laser knows how important orientation leaders are to the transition. They serve as familiar faces, as well as ambassadors for the college.

“It puts you on the map,” said junior J.R Costello, who served as an orientation leader this year. Costello values the relationships he built with many of the first-year and transfer students he introduced to Lasell.

The orientation leader position has become highly coveted, making the application process more competitive. Orientation leader, junior Kelsey Williams said, “I think the position is so popular because it’s such a great opportunity… to be one of twelve people who creates that first college experience for so many students.”

Williams expressed how positive the experience was for her and the other leaders. “I made lasting relationships with Lasell’s best staff, the excited first-year students, and the other eleven amazing OLs,” she said. The orientation leaders serve new students in a variety of ways. Through seminars, games, conversation, and schedule building, they help establish the foundation of their new home.

First-year student Nikki Glendye loved the orientation process, one of her leaders eventually became her RA. “I really like that Lyndsey [Gillespie] was my orientation leader and now my RA because it’s important to be familiar with someone on campus already,” she said.

This year, the orientation leaders were Samantha Buote, J.R. Costello, Victoria Duverge, Lyndsey Gillespie, Sydney Herndon, Spencer Kosior, Dustin Da Ponte, James Rossano, Mallorie Smith, Brianna Tata, Kelsey Williams, and Briana Wrubleski.

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