Risking it all for once Reply

By Allison Nekola – Co-Editor-in-Chief

It was hard realizing I only have a couple months left in the safety blanket I call Lasell. My very first taste of reality came when I opted to stay in Boston for the summer to complete an internship with renowned magazine “Design New England.”

For me, this was the chance of a lifetime. It came with a catch though. I’d be staying in Boston alone, with three guys I met off Craigslist, while majority of my friends went home for the summer to work or relax before beginning their adult jobs. I know the beginning of that last sentence sounds like the plot to a gruesome horror movie, or the kind of story that makes mothers worry about sending their children off to another state.

I was nervous; there is no doubt about it. But I was also desperate. My initial plans fell through, leaving me 48 hours to find an apartment or say goodbye to the internship I worked so hard to be a part of. It was my choice to make, the first one I’d make on my own with no influence from my mother (pathetic, I know). So, I packed my car to the brim and set out to spend three months with three strangers, left to fend for myself in the city of Brighton.

Did I mention this was the best decision I ever made? Big risk equals big reward, right? My reward came in the form of spending our mornings blasting jazz music; I can still smell the combination of espresso and cigars that filled the kitchen.

We spent our nights debating every subject imaginable. Arms were thrown into the air; it was likely that one of us would slam a fist on the table enraged with an opposition from our peer. And then, the spark settled and it was back to laughter and most important of all, acceptance. We all respected one another enough to listen to their side of an issue, rather than shut down and dub our perspective absolute.

The risk I took when opening up to these strangers helped me learn a lot about myself. It made me reach out to a different community of my peers, ones I’d never taken the chance to meet.

I got to learn a lot about them, from them, and about the city of Boston. There is so much diversity in every city and there’s more to do in Boston on a Saturday night than troll the Fanueil Hall bars. In order to gain the benefits from the city, you must leap from your comfort zone and take a chance.

I tell everyone who asks that this was the best summer of my life, despite the lack of friends and family. I’ve become a better and more accepting person because of the love and kindness I felt from my roommates. We formed relationships that are stronger than others I’ve had for years.

It’s important to be open-minded. I see more and more acceptance on Lasell’s campus everyday. I see people taking risks.

The truth is, taking a risk won’t always lead to a positive result. Take it from a girl who lived three months without a working stove. But it’s worth a try. You may just experience something you never expected.

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