SGA president credits his success to clubs, involvement on campus Reply

By Lara Garrett 1851 Staff

When Anthony Szol entered Lasell College four years ago as an Athletic Training student, he decided to venture out of his comfort zone. Specifically, he wanted to get more comfortable talking to people. He was encouraged to join the Student Government Association (SGA) and by his sophomore year he figured it was another opportunity to achieve the success he craved in the future.

Now, two years later, Szol is now President of the SGA. His main responsibilities are to manage and motivate the general board. Every Tuesday the SGA holds meetings featuring major committees: Academics, Financial, and Student Affairs. Szol oversees all three.

His current focus is on motivating underclassmen to join SGA and run for the upcoming election. “It’s less of my thinking people should join those, its more about getting involved in general,” said Szol. “Finding something you’re passionate about outside of the classroom is a great way to build confidence and leadership skills.”

As an important figure at the school, Szol is invited to many dinners with trustees in attendance. At one event, Szol was offered a job, but chose to turn it down to pursue graduate school. He plans to get his masters in Student Affairs, and ultimately earn his MBA. When asked how his leadership skills will shine through in the future Szol said, “I learned a lot about managing and motivating a group. I want to be an [Area Coordinator], and those skills will help me manage my own staff.”

Szol’s favorite part of being the president of SGA is the opportunity to “see behind the scenes of Lasell’s operations and how each department works together.”

In addition to the title of SGA president, Szol is also a Residential Assistant, Blue Key Society, member and Orientation Coordinator. He previously served as treasurer of the Athletic Training Club and through all of his pursuits, Szol gained more confidence in talking to people.

He became an Orientation Leader (OL) during his sophomore year, and the following year applied to be the Orientation Coordinator. He is held responsible for the OLs and enjoys being part of the first-year students’ transition. Szol was offered a Residential Assistant job, another opportunity for him to work in Student Affairs.

As SGA president, he hopes to create a club leader forum. This event will allow the leaders of on-campus clubs to collaborate and learn from one another. Szol wishes to leave this forum as his legacy.

There are six values to live by according to Lasell and its students: the golden rule, respect, random acts of kindness, maturity, commitment, and accepting differences. These are values the Student Government and Szol believe best represent Lasell students. “The values are designed to create a positive and welcoming community at Lasell,” said Szol.

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