Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Welcome)

By Taylor Baxter – 1851 Staff

On September 24, The Saudi Student Association (SSA) welcomed the Lasell community in de Witt Hall. Students, faculty, and family members came to the event to share food and learn more about Saudi Arabian culture.

Upon entering, guests were offered coffee or tea, traditional drinks Saudi Arabians offer to guests. Colorful tapestries were hung as an example of what homes in Saudi Arabia look like when guests are expected.

During the event, club members wore traditional thawbs, ankle-length shirts made of wool or cotton. On their heads they wore large squares of cotton, “ghutra,” that is folded over a skullcap, “kufiyyah,” and held in place with a cord circlet, “gaal.” Guests of the event could walk around de Witt and ask questions of club members.

“I didn’t know much about the Saudi Arabian culture before this event,” said senior Chet Lazare. “I learned that each of their dances have a different meaning behind them, and that henna is primarily a female thing, kind of like tattoos.”

Guests were offered pamphlets of information on every topic relating to Saudi Arabian culture, from their language, to food, even the background of their flag.

“I’m definitely glad that the Saudi Arabian club held this event so I could learn more about their culture,” said senior Jelani James. “I hope Lasell holds other events like this one so more students could learn about different cultures other than their own.”

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