Lasell Athletics focus on fundraising

By Leanne Signoriello – 1851 Staff

Over the years, Lasell Athletics has taken on a unique fundraising challenge that beats your average bake sale.

The athletic program is known for getting involved in the community through a variety of service projects. Whether it be Lasell’s “Play 4 the Cure” event, held to raise money for breast cancer awareness, or working with Niños de Veracruz, who raises money to send children to school, Lasers strive to give back to those in need.

Student athletes work to provide for themselves as well. Rebeka Costa, senior guard on the women’s basketball team, currently works with the rest of the team during New England Patriots and Revolution games, as well as the concerts, to cover the cost of team essentials.

“We are in charge of our own concession stand which means everything from counting inventory, counting money, cooking food, to setting up the cash register,” said Costa. “Anything you think goes into running a food stand, we do.”

The funds raised by the team are used for a variety of purposes including travel, gear, uniforms, and recruiting.

“We get sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, practice uniforms. In the past we’ve even gotten backpacks and socks,” Costa said. “It really is beneficial to us because we don’t have to worry about finding money to pay for all our own things, we just work for them.”

Deanna Barrett, senior guard for the Lasers, thinks this type of work is more fulfilling compared to what the team used to do for fundraising.

“In the past we have sold Lasell basketball gear to family and friends for money but it’s really nice to see my teammates outside of basketball, off campus, at a really great event working hard and having a good time,” said Barrett.

Other athletic teams have had similar success working to support themselves. The field hockey team has done the same program to fund their trip to Bermuda while the women’s lacrosse team is currently working towards their trip to Puerto Rico this spring.

Although both Costa and Barrett admit that at times they would rather be watching the game, they don’t deny all of the great benefits from this opportunity. Aside from raising money, the athletes are building a stronger bond as a team.

“It really is an exhausting day and it tests you mentally and physically on a whole different level than we are used to,” Barrett said. “We push through it as a team and have great memories from our experiences.”

“Sometimes we can be there for hours, but it is a good experience for our team to bond and work together to get a job done,” said Costa.

The team will try and translate this teamwork on the court when their season begins on Friday, November 13 against Eastern Nazarene in the Brandeis Tip-Off Tournament.

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