App review 2

By Megan Palumbo1851 staff

Acapella from PicPlayPost
Acapella allows users to show off their vocals by creating acapella videos. It is as simple as picking a layout and song, recording a video, and having the ability to share it with friends or on social media.
This app includes a built-in metronome, pan audio left or right, and allows you record up to nine frames, and video playback after the first recording. Hurry and download Acapella during its limited time free download in the App Store.
Bandsintown allows you to find live shows up to 75 miles around your current location. Track your favorite artists or have the app itself scan your Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes accounts to find frequent listened musicians. This app allows you to view upcoming tour dates for any artist, the venue, then forwards you to ticket-buying websites for each show, and can
recommend similar artists to the ones you already enjoy. This is a great app for people who really dig live music.
Welcome OpenTable to your app collection to discover thousands of new restaurants worldwide. Users can book reservations, view dining reviews, and pictures. Advanced searching can include your party size, date, time, type of cuisine, prices, and proximity of the restaurants. It allows you
to send OpenTable invitations to friends and can add the event to their cellphone calendar. This is perfect for going into Boston and finding the perfect restaurant for any occasion.
Have you ever entered the train station right as the train pulled away? Yes, walking a bit faster might have help
ed but unfortunately, you’re stuck waiting for the next train to arrive. This free app allows you to get train arrival times for your favorite stations as you approach them, locate nearby stations and also, find out about service alerts such as delays, construction or elevator outages. This handy app is only available for Apple devices.
The basic formula to lose or maintain weight is to eat right and exercise regularly, but being surrounded by burgers and fries makes can this a daunting task. The MyFitnessPal app makes it a little easier. It tracks
caloric and food intake, steps, and all major nutrients, and has the ability to easily connect with other devices as well, such as an Apple Watch or Fitbit. For added motivation, you can receive personalized goals based on your diet profile and tips to make healthier choices. It is free in the App Store and Google Play.


Bored on a Friday night but don’t want to stay in? HeyLets is your guide to what’s hot and happening around the city. From locals to travelers, users can post their experience at restaurants, clubs, bars, sports, markets or museums. You simply choose your categories of interests, explore what other people recommend, filter experiences by categories then recommend your experience to someone else. This app allows you to discover hidden gems wherever you are and share them with friends. It is free for Apple and Android users.


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