“Black Lives Matter” Reply

During the “Black Lives Matter”event on November 9, in de Witt Hall, attendees passed around a notebook to complete a poem. The poem was read aloud to the audience at the end of the discussion.

Black Lives Matter – Lasell College
We’re so much more than what they perceive
Our names are important
Want the world to be different for my daughter & son
It’s been going on for too long!
I want freedom for my people, all people
In order for that to happen, we must shout
Stop Creating excuses for Racist People
Be present, BE Aware, Be engaged
Fight for change
We must continue to raise our voices and fight for our right
Where is it safe for black people?
Where the distribution of resources isn’t rigged
Where the erasure peels back to reveal the known
Where we know that justice…justice…meant change + change now
Justice, Justice shall you pursue
Where is the love?
OPPRESSION is the carbon monoxide of our society, creeping, into our souls & our hearts, slowly killing our humanity
In order to bring change, we must bring light upon the oppressed.
Black lives matter
Encourage others to join, look to those around you.
No one should be afraid to walk outside
It doesn’t matter where we are, safety is important
We must fight, fight for Black lives Matter, stop letting racism kill our humanity because we are important
Black lives matter.
It’s liberation & freedom
There needs to be black lives matter to show our lives Do matter EVERYWHERE
More people need to be Educated about this topic! Awareness is important.
White allies need to do better because Black Lives Matter. Education!
Change comes through education not disagreement
I’m black. I’m proud. I will be successful
Being pro-black does not mean that I’m anti-white
Be the change
Let us give a megaphone to those who have been silenced for so long
You’re stronger than they know.
Wherever we are, we can’t stay here now
I don’t believe I will see true equality in my lifetime, but if I do not fight it will never be seen by anyone.
Just keep moving, Keep moving, Keep Moving To The Movement
Black lives matter. My life, your life, everyone’s life.

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