Career services provides more than résumé help Reply

By Kayli Hertel – Managing Editor

While studying abroad in Reading, England, I saw how important history was within the public and it made me want to explore potential career opportunities before senior year. In April, I reached out to Donnell Turner, Director of Career Services, armed with a list of local organizations I was interested in working with over the summer.

I was told that each place I pursued would require an individually tailored résumé, cover letter, and portfolio, so I got working on my résumés, which were thoroughly inspected. Cover letters
were the most difficult piece of the puzzle.

I was given a template as a guide on how to talk about my experiences and myself in a humble, yet assertive way. Along with numer- ous sessions and constant reassurance by the Career Services staff, I mastered this daunting

task. I also had the chance to participate in a mock interview, which gave me insight and constructive criticism about my behavior in a professional setting.

Even while out of state for the summer, I was able to ease my newfound “I-have-up- coming-interviews” jitters. With each of these steps my self-esteem grew tremendously, and I walked into each interview confident in my abilities, background, and what I could bring to the table, and it showed.

The options at Career Services are endless and with the extra support I know I can shine in any professional setting.

Everyone should take advantage of the endless options for each unique field to pre- pare themselves for the present and future provided by the Career Services office. The help they give could last a lifetime.


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