Chillin’ with the fam’ in Boston Reply

By Korrine Früster – Contributing Writer

Chance The Rapper kicked off his 2015 tour with one goal: assuring fans that family matters. Alongside fellow SaveMoney member Towkio and special guests Metro Boomin and D.R.A.M. (Does Real A** Music). The quartet blessed the House of Blues Boston with an unforgettable show on October 27.

The young Chicago native and his crew delivered a passionate and grooving four and a half hour performance to Boston’s college-aged population, while maintaining the family vibe throughout the sold out venue. Like reuniting with old relatives at a family gathering, the Family Matters tour covers all grounds of reunions.

Imagine Lil Jon as a Muppet running around stage, but with the vocals of a young Stevie Wonder, and you have D.R.A.M. He had the entire crowd pumped with his iconic final song, “Cha Cha” which got the whole place going.

In between the slow stage changes, producer and songwriter Metro Boomin took the stage behind the turn tables and later sum- moned Towkio, who stole the show. Like a kid promoted to the adult table, Towkio showed off his new mixtape “.WAV Theory,” ending with his hit “Heaven Only Knows,” featuring the main act, Chance The Rapper.

Chance finally crashed the party after an hour of intermission. He greeted his fans with back to back songs from his well-known mixtape “Acid Rap,” jumping right into his set alongside bandmates of The Social Experiment.

Chance was greeted like a cousin you were waiting all night to see. He performed throwbacks from his first mixtape “10 Day,” among other popular tracks, and his more romantic numbers like “Lost.”

Throughout the performance, Chance would ‘hoo’ at the crowd, and the crowd echoed it back. Checking in, using code with one another as the artist explained it meant “let’s go harder.”

Despite being 22 years old, the artist offered sobering stories to the crowd of how he was expelled from high school, which ironically started his career. Chance also subtly alluded to subjects such as gun violence in his song “Paranoia.” The artist balanced out the emotions by finishing the show with exciting tracks “Juice” and “Favorite Song,” along with a half an hour encore including “Sunday Candy” and “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” a tribute to his grandmother.

The set was gold, but the crowning, proud parent moment was that final gift of debuting “Angels,” which had just released the day before. Needless to say, Chance the Rapper made his fans feel like family. We watched each performer all joke around on stage, as they continued to deliver new flavors and classics.

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