Goulding brings hits, lacks variety Reply

By Mackenzie Dineen – 1851 Staff

Ellie Goulding’s newest album “Delirium” kicks off with “Intro,” a one minute and 54 second track of ethereal vocalizing.

The introduction immediately sets a high standard for the album’s overall quality, but quickly fades into repetition, yet maintains a strong pop sound. No less can be expected of Goulding’s new album after her recent Billboard 100 hits “Anything Could Happen” and “Love Me Like You Do.”

The album centers on synthetic beats with Goulding’s voice at the core. The majority of the lyrics are typical of a modern pop album and don’t hold unique meaning. Choruses from “On My Mind” and “Around U” clarifies their aim for a sing-along experience.

The most enjoyable of the songs are Goulding’s feel-good, upbeat anthems “Codes,” and “Lost And Found.” The popular “Love Me Like You Do,” from the “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack is also featured on the album.

The album’s second pre-released single is “On My Mind,” where Goulding feigns rap. The rest of the album follows a mold of high-pitched and echoing synth, overlain with Goulding’s pleasing vocals and lackluster romantic lyrics.

“Delirium” is unvarying and predictable for a million dollar produced pop album, it contains one hit single and one hit from a movie soundtrack. Unless you are a Goulding enthusiast, the album itself isn’t worth the purchase, although select songs may be.

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