It’s time for a change Reply

By Shapleigh Webster – Copy-editor

Tis the season of accidents it seems. Walking around campus, I’ve seen countless students hobbling around on crutches or in a boot. In the beginning it was a joke between my mom and myself. She works at a college campus and saw the same trend, but since I first noticed this, I’ve also noticed their struggles.

With limited elevators but plenty of staircases, Lasell is not exactly the most handicapped accessible campus. The dining hall, and residence houses, all contain stairs. The only buildings that have elevators are the newer residence buildings and a few academic buildings. This presents a problem not only to the temporarily crippled, but also to permanently handicapped students as well.

For a prospective handicapped student, this is going to be an automatic reason to choose not to apply. It’s much too hard for students with limited mobility to get around campus. It’s time for our school to take action and make the campus more accessible to students who need it most.

We all have been so hyped up about bad food and the new building coming in place of Wass and Wolfe (both stair-only buildings), but updates need to be made to the existing system. We need to be more accepting and welcoming of disabled students. To make that happen, Lasell needs to take a leap forward and make the campus more handicap-accessible. Whether this comes in the form of more elevators, lifts, or ramps, it needs to happen now.

As a whole, I think we are a very accepting school. We are open to all types of new people, but we need to physically show that. We need to show our acceptance through both our attitudes and the functionality of our campus.

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