New Residential life director joins staff Reply

By Nicole Taylor and Lindsay Tavarozzi – 1851 Staff

Woodrow ‘Woody’ Freese, the new Director of Residential Life, started on Monday, October 19, filling a three-month void in the position.

Freese is adapting to campus while learning names and faces. In comparison to his previous position at Boston University, it is a drastic change in student population. BU’s enrollment stands at more than 30,000 students, where Lasell is a mere fraction of that with 1,800 students.

“I think the quaint campus environment was one of the draws for me and it is a much more of a traditional college campus,” Freese said. “Because of the size, you have an opportunity to make a greater impact,” he said.

According to Area Coordinator Von Purnell, Freese has a daughter that is currently enrolled in college, which he believes is a benefit. “I think the fact that he has a child in college has helped him understand the student mindset here, and it puts him in a position to be empathetic and customer service minded for student concerns and needs,” said Purnell.

Freese was the Associate Director of Residential Life for nine years at BU before coming to Lasell. “It was somewhat hard to leave BU, but the opportunity to become a director doesn’t come along very often,” he said.

With the opportunity to tweak things and grow in the director position, Freese hopes to do so with Lasell’s Residential Life mission statement in mind. “That will be the foundation that drives what I do on a day-to-day basis,” said Freese. He wants to make decisions with the best impact for students. “A lot of the decisions I make are driven from the perspective of ‘how would I want my daughter treated?’”

“In order to expand my own personal and professional horizons, I had to look for opportunities elsewhere…I consider myself very fortunate to have advanced in the interview process here at Lasell,” said Freese.

Any changes Freese makes will be considered after spending some time in the position. “I think I will be an active observer for the next several months to see how things function,” he said. “I think there is already a strong foundation here, and it is now my job to build off of that foundation.”

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