Adele returns with ’25’ Reply

By Haleigh Santilli & Ajea Stupart – Arts Editor & 1851 Staff 

After a long break, the queen of mod- ern soul returns. Adele said, “Hello” to her fans at the end of October and received immensely positive feedback. “Hello” is Adele’s breakout track from her third album “25,” and though it’s about love she regrets losing, it sounds like she’s saying hello to her fans. “When We Were Young,” the second single released off the album provides a sentimental feeling long missed from Adele’s absence.

Like her two other albums, “19” and “21,” this album is named after the age in which she wrote the majority of the songs.


Adele released her new album “25” on November 20. Photo courtesy of


The 27-year-old soul-sensation stepped away from the limelight three years ago to raise her son Angelo with partner Simon Konecki. Adele calls this album a makeup album, rather than a breakup as her previ- ous two albums have been.

“Turning 25 was a turning point for me, slap bang in the middle of my twen- ties. Teetering on the edge of being an old adolescent and a fully fledged adult,” said Adele, in an interview with “Rolling Stone.”

The album, released on November 20, sent shock waves through the music industry. With other artists and labels paying close attention to its release, there is speculation artists altered the release dates of their own projects to avoid the competition in sales with “25.”

On November 18, fans received a treat, as “25” was leaked two days before its release. In the first week of the official release, “25” sold 3.38 million copies in the U.S. alone. In fact, it is the first album to sell more than three million copies in one week, smashing the previous record set by the former pop boyband, *NSYNC, in the early 2000s.

It is reassuring that with her return, Adele is stronger than ever and reaching a broader audience. It’s easy to forget celebrities are hu- man too, and need a break from the limelight to pursue personal priorities.

Adele maintains a positive outlook even when enduring judgment from the media and Hollywood. “I do have body image problems for sure but I’ve had them all my life. There’s bigger issues going on in the world than how I feel about my- self,” said Adele in an interview with Siri- usXM radio. “But mainly there’s only one of you, so why would you want to look like anyone else? Why would you want the same hairstyle as everyone else? And have the same opinions as everyone else?”

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