Athletic training program renders huge success

By Krista DeJulio & Nick Crane – Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff

The athletic training (AT) program is one of the most raved about majors the school offers. It is a growing major that gives students the knowledge to provide emergency care and injury provision to both athletes and patients alike. AT provides students with experience outside the classroom through clinical hours, its version of an internship.

Professor Cris Haverty started at Lasell in September 2000 and became the Chair of the Athletic Training and Exercise Science Department in August 2007 and has seen the program prosper since her arrival.

“The athletic training program was initially accredited in 2001 and in 14 years has grown steadily while maintaining a solid reputation amongst competing programs,” said Haverty. “Lasell holds a unique statue regionally because it is one of only eight colleges in the state of Massachusetts with an accredited athletic training program.”

Many students are drawn to become athletic trainers because of the wide variety of possible occupations. Once AT students complete their clinical hours and pass the required national certification exam, Board of Certifi- cation, to fully become an athletic trainer, there are both traditional and non-traditional occupations available.

The department also holds a record of 100 percent of its program’s graduates within the last two years are either employed in their field or attending graduate school, according to Haverty. The exercise science department, similar to AT, also holds an impressive record with 88 percent of its students with the same accomplishments.

The two programs differ slightly in terms of schooling, field, and job requirements. According to, “Athletic Trainers are health care profes- sionals who collaborate with physicians [and] work under the direction of physicians, as prescribed by state licensure statutes” while “[e]xercise [s]cience is the scientific study of human movement performed to maintain or improve physical fitness and includes knowledge skills and abilities in biomechanics, exercise physiology,” according to

Jobs within the AT field include high school, college, or professional athletic trainer, physician extenders, or occupational setting athletic trainer. Jobs within the exercise science field include strength and conditioning coach for high school, college, or professional teams, exercise physiologist in a hospital, researcher, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

Because their workload is so heavy, AT students do not have the opportunity to study abroad. Students are required to have six semesters of clinical education. Each student must have a clinical experience each semester starting his or her sophomore year.

Whether it’s providing medical care to a college, a professional sports team, or working in therapy offices or military bases, the likelihood of quickly getting hired after graduation is outstanding. AT is one of the best fields to enter now, as the demand for well-rounded and experienced employ- ees is huge. Lasell’s AT students will be among some of the most hirable graduates leaving the school.

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