Catch the spark of the holiday season Reply

By Samantha Plumley & Leanne Signoriello – 1851 Staff

Students with cabin fever, in need of a road trip should look west to the Yankee Candle Village in South Deerfield. Mad DJ skills, two hours, and
half a tank of gas is all that is needed to reach this wonderland. At Yankee Candle Village, it is Christmas every day. The atmosphere and activities will put most in the holiday spirit. Grabbing a map will come in handy as you try to navigate your way through the world’s largest candle store.


The Yankee Candle Village is located in South Deerfield and features an array of candles and fun for all ages including Santa, in-store snow, shopping, and a history of candle making.

Photo by Leanne Signoriello

You will find yourself navigating nearly 400,000 candles coming in over 200 different scents for any season, hol- iday, or nostalgic memory. It is guaranteed that the heavily perfumed air in the expansive Candle Emporium will leave you with a raw, scent-induced headache.

During the holiday season, you can meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. The long lines may have you thinking that you are in line for a ride at Disney World, but you are entertained by the diverse group of elves and the classic holiday films that play on the televisions nearby. Some may skip this ritual and head straight for the stationary. Letters to Santa aren’t only for children anymore; many letters on display ask for older siblings to get boyfriends and roommates to move out.

Much to the delight of children and adults, it snows every four minutes in the winter wonderland. With the help of a snow machine, it’s all the beauty of snow without any of the cold.

Other highlights of this enchanting place include the candy store, toy store, and the amusing entertainment of the singing and dancing animatronics located in the middle of the food concessions.

Food options are not limited here as you can find a variety of treats from cafe style sandwiches and soups to gourmet popcorn and baked goods or fudge.

Those seeking an educational outlet can learn the history of candles in the Candle Museum. The daily discussions cover the candle making process and materials historically used.

Shoppers are able to browse through a number of items that aren’t wax-related. Featuring items from stores such as Vera Bradley, Pandora, and Alex and Ani, it is easy to find that perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list. In the General Store you are likely to find items and trinkets that capture the essence of New England.

The wax hands, made at Wax Works, will serve as a conversation starter
for the next soirée. However, other souvenirs, like make-your-own candles, should be passed to an off-campus location for safekeeping. Since candles are a fire hazard, they are prohibited from dorms.

It is quite impossible to emotionally (and financially) prepare for the experience you will encounter as you adventure through the Village. Surpris- ing to most, the Village does not have outlet prices. Be prepared to pay full price unless armed with coupons.

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