Ciao, from Italy Reply

By Ayumi Ranucci – Global Correspondent 

I have lived in Italy for a few months now, but the time has flown by. I have visited Cinque Terre, Naples (Capri and Pompeii), Sienna, and biked through the vineyards of Tuscany, among countless adventures throughout Florence.


Photo courtesy of Ayumi Ranucci


There is so much to do, as I explore the crowded Ponte Vecchio, and venture into the local neighborhoods to find the best places to eat. The food is amazing and gelato has become my weakness.

Before leaving for college, I had so many people telling me, “You have to study abroad! It’s the best thing you can do!” I remember hearing this many times, but I didn’t quite listen. It truly is an amazing opportunity, one you can’t grasp until you pass through Piazza del Duomo and the church that holds Michelangelo’s tomb on your daily walk to class.

The beauty of Florence is unreal, and although I’m sure studying abroad anywhere would be rewarding, I am very happy to have picked Florence.

While I could go on about how amazing Italy is, it hasn’t been all happy gelato-filled days. I have had moments of missing family, friends, home, and the English language. There is no quick remedy for homesickness. I am no longer two hours away from my hometown and don’t have the ability to call whenever I want. Being surrounded by four roommates experiencing the same thing has helped, and luckily we have all been able to get along extremely well.

Living in another country has got to be one of the most eye-opening experiences, and I could not be happier to have made this decision. The hours of paperwork and tedious meetings were well worth it.

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