Fashion paradise in South End Reply

By Mackenzie Dineen & Ajea Stupart – 1851 Staff

Bobby From Boston is a hidden gem of a vintage clothing store located in the South End of Boston. Surrounded by galleries and specialty shops on 19 Thayer Street, it blends into the classic brick exterior, but stepping inside reveals a truly unique atmosphere.

Bobby From Boston specializes in men’s attire predating the 1970s, with some articles of clothing from the 17th century. The range of products in-store depends on the time of year, and their large selection of unique jackets is most popular right now. Accessories are always big-ticket items, specifically ties, bowties, and shoes.


The high-end men’s vintage shop is located at 19 Thayer Street in South Boston. Photo courtesy of Andrew Glenn.

Senior fashion merchandising student Andrew Glenn is pursuing his internship at Bobby’s. Glenn said that the internship is “really invaluable, it’s mostly what you make of your time, but I learned a lot of business practice, and how to handle new responsibilities as they come. I also learned about how much passion and effort it takes to run a small business.”

For Glenn, the customers are the best part of his job. The store draws a diverse audience, from die-hard vintage fans to fashion designers from
all over the world. Bobby’s also caters to stylists, photographers, and costume designers in search of inspiration and pieces for upcoming projects.

Glenn’s role is helping the store discover new and interesting pieces in a unique learning experience. “Since we have such an odd, interesting collection of clothing, we attract equally interesting customers, with no shortage of stories and information. So I’m constantly being challenged to step up my customer service game,” said Glenn.

Unlike most retail jobs, Glenn spends his time at Bobby’s helping shoppers find garments they are interested in, so he is constantly improving his interpersonal skills.

Located outside of the city is Bobby’s secret appointment-only warehouse. The warehouse is about five times the size of the store, and has more options as far as colors and sizes. Movie costume designers know to make appointments here, as well as Broadway costume designers, and collectors. Bobby’s has helped with costuming for over 80 major productions.

For anyone with a keen interest in men’s fashion, vintage clothing, or an appreciation for authentic products made long before our time, a stop into Bobby From Boston is necessary.


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