The cost of good grades 1

By Jared MacDonald – Contributing Writer 

There is no doubt that college is expensive. Students are paying for tuition, comprehensive fees, room and board, and damage deposits. After paying tens of thousands of dollars to go to school each year, students need to put in the work to earn good grades, but they shouldn’t have to pay even more to get those grades.


Students have to pay a $5 fee when they request an official transcript from Self-Service. Some other schools in the area, including Boston College and Brandeis, do not charge their students to request official transcripts, according to their websites.

I understand it certainly costs money to get the transcripts printed and mailed, as they are on quality paper with the Lasell emblem and sent in a sealed, professional-looking envelope, but students can print their own copies of unofficial transcripts for free on Self-Service. However, that doesn’t always cut it when an official transcript is needed, like for graduate school or internship applications.

Most students aren’t requesting several official transcripts, but when they do need one, they need it for a reason. Often we are sending them off when applying for scholarships, internships, or for another important reason. Many of these places will only accept a transcript if it is official and sealed. If a student is requesting a transcript, it is more than likely that they are doing well in school, and not failing out of classes.

After paying $47,400 for full-time tuition and fees, students shouldn’t have to pay to get their grades printed. While it may cost some money to print and send official transcripts, they play an important role in the success of the student, both while at Lasell, and after they graduate. The college should supplement the cost.

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