Winter parking ban begins Reply

By Rosemary Leger – Copy Editor 

Students parked on Seminary Avenue awoke to a little orange surprise on the morning of Tuesday, November 17. On the windshield of every car was a ticket from the town of Newton.

The tickets were a result of Newton’s winter overnight parking ban. The ban began on November 15 and is in effect until April 15. It prohibits parking on public roads for longer than one hour between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Violators are fined $25.


Parking on Newton streets, such as Seminary Avenue and Maple Street, is a lucky con- venience for students who do not register their cars on campus. They can cheat the system and park there for free all year. That is, until the winter parking ban.


Even students who pay for a spot on campus use the public roads for parking because they are closer to their dorm than their designated lot. They were upset by the abrupt parking ban because the ticket could have been avoided had students received a notification before it was in effect.

Seniors Dakota Wallace and Leandra Armstrong both received tickets on their cars parked on Seminary Avenue. “I was very angry because there is not appropriate signage on the street,” said Wallace.

Both Wallace and Armstrong pay for spots on campus, but park on Seminary Avenue because it’s in closer proximity to their residence house. “A warning would have been helpful to let us know we wouldn’t be able to park there overnight,” said Armstrong.


Wallace agreed, saying, “Proper on-street signage or an email or a flyer on my windshield would have been the best method for either the school or town to inform students.”


The Town of Newton Police Department posted a heads-up on Facebook and Twitter on November 6. Unfortunately, not many students were aware. Students are advised to be cautious where they park overnight until April 15, and if you haven’t received a ticket yet take this as fair warning, Newton is ticketing.

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