100 day celebration signals graduation Reply

By Shapleigh Webster – Copy Editor 


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On the chilly Thursday night of January 28, the class of 2016 celebrated their first major milestone of the semester, 100 Days Until Graduation. The annual event, sponsored by the senior class, was held at Shopper’s Café on Moody Street in Waltham, and had an enormous turnout.

Shuttles were provided from campus to the bar, and pizza was served. It was a time of celebration, reflection, and community. Many seniors said they preferred Shopper’s to the regular hangout across the street, Franco’s, because of the ample amount of tables, larger space, and bar.

“I loved it,” said senior Taylor Harasim. “There was enough space for everyone, and I loved drinking with all the seniors.”

100 Days Until Graduation celebrated the accomplishments of the last four years. “I enjoyed seeing people I started at Lasell with,” said senior Melanie Secaida. “It felt like a throwback and recap of all four years filled with memories and experiences I will never forget.”

Students, for the most part, enjoyed themselves, with the exception of a few who stayed until close and failed to realize the shuttles had stopped running, leaving them to find their own transpor- tation back to campus.

The 100 Days Until Graduation began the seniors’ last semester of events. “Our next countdown event, our 75 days event, takes place on February 25,” said Senior Class President Morgan Nash. “We will be attending a Celtics game, and then heading over to The Greatest Bar, where we have a floor rented out.”

Other events include a 50 Days senior banner signing at Boomer’s on March 9, and a 25 Days event at Franco’s on April 14.


Upcoming Senior Events

Thursday, February 25 – 75 Days until Graduation Celtics Game

Wednesday, March 9 – 50 Days Chipotle and Banner Signing

Tuesday, April 12 – Senior Send-Off Fair

Thursday, April 14, 2016; 25 Days Celebra- tion at Franco’s

Tuesday, May 3 – Torchlight Parade, Senior Soirée (following the Torchlight Parade)

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