Editor’s corner: My morning playlist

By Haleigh Santilli – Arts Editor 

Every morning around 7 a.m., I leave my house and start my hour and a half commute to campus MBTA. Since my commute is so long I try to occupy my mind. If I don’t have my copy of “Why Not Me” by Mindy Kaling, or any homework I have to catch up on. If I don’t have either of those with me, I listen to an array of songs I’ve saved to Spotify.

While other people’s music tastes are defined by one genre, or well refined by popular artists, my music taste can only be described as a hodgepodge mess of hits. I listen to everything from 1920s rag time, to early 2000s pop.

I usually add songs to playlists to get me through certain scenarios, like doing my homework, walking, or traveling.

In my “travelers” playlist, I love to listen to Walk the Moon, The 1975, Queen and The Struts. Walk the Moon and Queen are my go-to bands for getting me through the morning commute. If it’s a sunny or dreary day or I’ve woken up in a good mood, I blast the songs “Portugal” by Walk the Moon, and “Somebody to Love” by Queen. Those songs make my day just a bit brighter, and put a smile on my face so big that

I’ve gotten odd glances from time to time. Queen has always had a special place in my heart and are one of my go-to band to listen to because I’ve always dreamed that if time travel was possible, I would go back in time to see their concert at the Wembley Arena in London in 1980. So whenever I listen to them I pretend I’m there.

If you haven’t heard of The Struts or The 1975 by now, it’s time you did. The Struts are a relatively new band, only breaking out on to the rock scene last year with their hits “Could’ve Been Me,” and “Put Your Money On Me.” I found them a few years ago on YouTube and immedi- ately fell in love. Their style matches the rock and roll vibes of great bands like Aerosmith, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, and Queen.

The 1975 have a cool indie, alternative rock, pop sound and vibe, it makes you feel like driving around in a car with your best friend and blast their music for hours. The band recently performed on “Saturday Night Live” and played new songs “The Sound” and “Love Me.”

If I had any kind of singing talent or per- forming talent in general, I would sing one of their songs at open mic night with a standing ovation. However that is only in my imagination.

On a cloudy, rainy day (my favorite kind of day) and I’m feeling tired or sentimental, I tend to listen to soft love songs on my “travelers” playlist like “Nothing Can Change This Love” by Sam Cooke. As well as “Someone to Watch Over Me” by Frank Sinatra, and “Warwick Avenue” by Duffy. They’re calm and relaxing, which is something I need after rushing out of my house in the morning to catch the train on time.

When I search for new songs, I try to find ones where I can imagine I’m in a big concert arena, a movie, or somewhere else in the world. It honestly sounds like I’ve described a Disney Channel movie, but hey, I used to imagine I was in those too.

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