Lee’s aims to please the hungry heart Reply

By Rosemary Leger – Managing Editor


The restaurant is located at 216 Sumner Street. Photo by Rosemary Leger

Among the luxe pet stores and beauty salons of Newton Centre is the glowing, family-run restaurant, Lee’s Burger Place.

Lee’s is a small joint, with only four tables and a handful of stools overlooking a quiet Sumner Street. The aroma foreshadows the delicious food like that of a summer cookout. The cracking sound of grills and smiling employees invites you to the counter to order from their hand-painted menu.

Lee’s serves a short selection of full flavor. The savory burgers ($5.25) are served on lightly grilled sesame seed buns. The pastrami sub ($6.95), among other hot sandwiches, is served on two plates as it exceeds one. Toppings range from the basics, to hot peppers and onion rings. Sides are limited to French fries ($2.75), sweet potato fries ($3.75), onion rings ($3.25), and chicken wings ($5.75), but each serv- ing is more than enough to satisfy. Their shining drink cooler boasts an array of old- fashioned sodas, all under $2.00.


Lee’s serves fresh and delicious burgers all year round. Photo by Rosemary Leger

The success at Lee’s Burger Place lies in its “special sauce.” It’s common for cus- tomers to order extra, and occasionally leave with an entire bottle. Phantom Gourmet reported the sauce is made of “mayo, honey, mustard and spices.”

Portions at Lee’s are large enough to get you out the door painfully, yet happily full. Newton Centre is a quick ride on the T from Riverside, or by car. Lee’s Burger Place is located at 216 Sumner Street.

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