Welcoming new Resident Assistants Reply

By Colin Froement – 1851 Staff


Woodrow Freese was appointed in October, along with new RAs this semester. Photo Courtesy of BU.edu 

This spring semester is greeted by new employees in Residential Life, including new Director of the department Woodrow Freese, Area Coordinator Catherine Mullin, and several new Resident Assistants.

“I’m getting more adjusted every day,” said Freese. “I feel that I have a great support network and everybody has been very warm and welcoming.”

Freese hopes his policies will appeal to all students and ensure that they will be happy on campus.

“Most of the decisions I make on a daily basis will be from the perspective of ‘how does this best impact our students?’” said Freese. His focus is largely on making residential life at Lasell better.

Mullin applied for the position because of its reputation for community and student involvement. Area Coordinator Rob Harrington is a former classmate of hers.

“Everyone has put in a lot of work to make sure I feel welcome” Mullin said.

Though this is only Mullin’s first month on the job, she says that she is adjusting to the current policies of the school and the responsibilities of an Area Coordinator. Mullin’s goals are to maintain the positive relationship the previous AC built with the RAs. “[I hope to] build their trust… and attend floor meetings so students know my face and know that I am an approachable person.”

Several RA positions opened up this semester as some vacated the position or left to study abroad. “There were eight vacancies we needed to fill,” said Freese. “That’s about an average number to lose.”

The RAs in Mullin’s area worked the fall semester without an Area Coordinator to lead them, but did a “phenomenal” job applying strong leadership to their positions and floors, according to Mullin.

“I think it’s a nice transition from being a regular student.” said sophomore Bryan Costello about his new position as an RA in Butterworth Hall.

Costello says it’s hard transitioning in halfway through the year, but says he’s excited about the opportunity and hopes to put on several programs for his residents throughout the semester. Including trying to get a faculty member from Career Services to talk to his residents, since so many of them are seniors.

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