Five ways to work in journalism without ever actually writing Reply

2016-02-14 16.06.11

Photograph by Rosemary Leger

By Tristan Davis

  1. Photojournalist: Newspaper publications are always in need of good photographs to accompany a story. Pictures grab people’s attention, and can make or break a story, readership, and circulation.
  1. Broadcast Talent: If you’re a strong speaker and don’t mind being on camera, the host or on-air talent may be the job for you. YouTube search Bryan Williams or Bob Costas to see what top-notch broadcasting looks like.
  1. Advertising Sales: Selling advertising is how most newspapers and magazines make the majority of their money. Being a good talker who can sell ad space is an invaluable part of the business and one that is always in demand.
  1. Newspaper Designer: Put your graphic design major to use and help solve the complex puzzle that is a daily newspaper. The job includes configuration of articles, ads and pictures and is vital to an aesthetically-pleasing paper.
  1. Technical support: A lot goes on behind the scenes that make successful news broadcasts click. Cameramen and control room workers are responsible for effects and editing, especially during a highly-viewed news broadcast.


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