Yamawaki flooding poses issue for students, faculty

By Tristan Davis


Lasell College’s Yamawaki Arts and Cultural Center sustained extreme damage following a pipe burst last week. Freezing temperatures caused water in the building’s pipe system to freeze and expand, which triggered sprinklers inside the Wedeman Gallery. The current exhibition, Twisted Again: The New Kumihimo suffered considerable damage from the water.

“Now we’re basically in the process this whole week and next week they’re taking off all the carpets, then they’re taking off the ceiling on the second floor, and all the walls [are being taken down] because really they want to make sure there’s no mold,” said Gallery Director Vladimir Zimakov. “Everyone’s been really understanding and people have been emailing me [asking if] everything is okay and reaching out which was really great to hear.”


The incident is still under investigation, but Zimakov anticipates at least one month of reconstruction before the facility will be ready for use. The damage has caused schedule changes for upcoming art galleries, including the ART/Word show, curated by Professor Stephen Fischer originally scheduled to premiere next week.

“It’s under control as far as we have the crew of people working in there and taking things out. It’s closed right now so nobody’s supposed to come in, but [the response has] been really positive,” added Zimakov. “I’ve got a few really warm emails saying things like ‘people are really understanding’. It’s been great. I think that kind of shows the community’s support”.


Photographs by Rosemary Leger

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