Students and faculty raise money with basketball tournament

By Krista DeJulio – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Students participate in the ASB basketball fundraiser on March 1. Photo by Krista DeJulio

A total of 10 teams participated in a basketball fundraiser on Tuesday, March 1 to raise money for the two Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trips. The teams consisted of students, professors, and admissions counselors, each team adhering to a $15 participation fee. This is the first time the basketball tournament has been held.

“It was a cool idea because faculty and students were brought together to do something different,” said junior Tessa Dinnie, who watched the games.

The two ASB groups are visiting Atlanta, GA and Philadelphia, PA over spring break and will be volunteering their time with multiple organizations. The money raised will help fund the trips’ amenities, like transportation, food, and housing. The Atlanta trip is bringing 14 students, co-led by seniors Gabriella Giangregorio and Phil Skerry and junior Hayley Kreckler, while the Philadelphia trip is bringing 10 students, co-led by juniors J.R. Costello and Raquel Barnes.

Chair of the Mathematics department Neil Hatem plays defense against freshman Rebecca Van Spall. Photo by Krista DeJulio

“I know how popular it is through the intramural basketball club and I feel like this is such a fun, social pickup sport to play even if you are not that great at it,” said Giangregorio on why they chose basketball for the fundraising event. “So many of the teams were so good, it shocked me.”

The 10 teams played nine-minute half court games of three-on-three until one team was crowned champion. Players of the men’s basketball team participated as referees for the games and ASB members joined in by keeping scores.

“It was great seeing some of the members who aren’t close yet on the sidelines laughing,” said Giangregorio. “This helped our ASB groups build stronger connections without them even realizing it.”

The co-leaders were extremely happy and proud of their event and also surprised by the turnout of spectators in the bleachers and along the track. Faculty and students are still donating.


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