Get out of my room

By Colin Froment – 1851 Staff

Brennan Library is generous enough to offer students private, quiet rooms where they can work on group projects and assignments, therefore it can be irritating to find only one person in each private room. The sign “THIS ROOM IS ONLY ALLOWED FOR MULTIPLE PEOPLE” should be self-explanatory enough, yet it seems like some students don’t acknowledge that rule. Students should be more selfless when it comes to using these rooms and respect the room for what it’s truly meant for.

When I am part of a group project looking for a quiet place to do our work, it is frustrating to find the study rooms are taken. Last semester, my group encountered this problem often. We needed a place to practice our presentation without disturbing others in the library. Every time we checked if the study rooms were available, they were occupied by only one person. We had nowhere to go and were forced to disturb students who deserved peace to study.

The purpose of these rooms is for groups to come together and work in peace and quiet. It is rude for one person to take the entire room. Would you like it if your group needed the room but couldn’t use it because of one person?

Some students need absolute silence to work in a group. There’s no need to ruin a group’s study time because you would rather have a room to yourself than sit in a public area in the library.

There are options to choose from; a nearby quad, a common room, a building’s kitchen. There is a whole campus to explore and there is a quiet space somewhere. If the rooms require more than one person, follow the simple rule and save it for those who truly need it.

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