Students survey the sidelines as job

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

There has been curiosity about Lasell’s sports team managers and game staff workers. Attending all home sports events, these Lasell student workers are passionate and involved in the college’s athletics, even if they don’t have to suit up and take to the field or on the court.

Students can demonstrate their skills on the sidelines of sporting events.

“Duties can range from doing the team’s laundry, filming the game, man- aging the scoreboard, shot clock, or statistics,” said junior Bridget Delaney, a game staff worker. “Our staff takes up about two thirds of the game managers working on the sidelines.”

Game staff workers report to Emily Machado, Lasell’s Sports Information Director, who runs the game staff program, including hiring team managers. There are usually eight to 10 workers per game, and only one official manager per team.

“If the team manager job is open, the student should contact the team’s coach initially. Game staff openings go through myself,” said Machado. “I like to give out an application and set up an interview, as if it was a real job. I like to look for good character; someone who has experience in certain sports so they’re aware of the rules. I also look for someone who is passionate about sports, and is willing to learn new skills if we need a fill-in,” she said.

Being committed to both jobs is the most important expectation. Machado works with the students to find similar availability with the home games. “Emily is pretty open with working times,” said Delaney. “She sends out an organized schedule of the games each week and wait for workers to reply with which ones they can work at.”

Perks of being a team manager or game staff worker include getting certain gear and traveling with the team. Senior managers also attend Lasell’s year-end senior banquet. “We like to give game staff workers and managers a little gift to show our appreciation for all their hard work,” said Machado.

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