Online streaming a game changer for athletic supporters

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

Going to sporting events at Lasell can be thrilling, lively, and a great way to support friends or family. However, when the Lasers get on the bus for an away game, it can be hard to watch when they’re hours away from campus. But this year with online streaming, students and family members can now watch these games through Stretch Internet.

Online streaming for Lasell athletic away games is now available through LaserPride with password protection.

“The online streaming is really important , especially for kids that have parents who are far away and can’t make it to all the games. Having this option has created a good camaraderie between us and parents, [and] also with other coaches,” says Emily Machado, Lasell’s Sports Information Director.

Students, parents, and other team’s coaches can access the streaming portal by visiting, Lasell’s athletic website, and selecting the ‘Laser Nation’ tab. After the drop-down appears, there is a live streaming link. Live games are ready to watch as soon as the viewer enters a specific code. Another way to find a certain game is to go to the team’s schedule and to the right will be links to ‘live stats’ or ‘video’ to watch the game.

“It’s a lot easier to access games compared to years before,” said game staff worker Bridget Delaney. “͞Along with game staff filming the events, we also have volunteer commentators on the games. I think this adds more energy to the game and helps viewers understand what’s going on.”

“The password protects all of Lasell’s home games so it’s harder for other schools to scout [our teams], but if a student or parent wants the code, I am very willing to give it to them if they contact me by email,” said Machado. The online streaming is also effective for Laser teams to watch film on previous games.

“I can either send a link or make a CD with the film on it for coaches,” Machado said. “This way they can cut it up to show the team small spurts of their playing.”

Visit to find a Laser game worth streaming, and contact Emily Machado at for specific game codes.

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