PHOTOS: Third annual Lasell Village and Student Intergenerational Prom

by Rosemary Leger

The third annual Intergenerational Lasell Village and Student Prom was held on Friday, April 1 in the Village Ballroom.

Residents of both communities came to enjoy the atmosphere, music and dancing that was suited for all ages.
The men’s rugby team are frequent supporters of the Intergenerational Prom. Senior captain Phil Skerry shares a slow dance with a village resident.
Junior Aliza Bogosian twirls around with a resident as junior Tessa Dinnie has her hands full in a dance circle.
Spencer Levin was on DJ duty for the night, entertaining the dance goers with a wide variety of music.
Some attendees were hesitant in taking the floor, but enjoyed the event for the fresh energy it brought to the Village community.
The dance floor was filled for “The Cupid Shuffle,” as students led the way for the Village residents, who quickly picked up the choreography.
At the end of the night, Levin slowed down the music as the guests transitioned into slow dances.
The crowing of Prom Queen, Lasell Village resident, Bonnie Norton.
Prom Queen Bonnie was joined by her husband, Perry Norton, as he was awarded Prom King.
The couple had the floor to themselves as they celebrated their victory, and the fun night that was had by all.

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