Lasell students support ‘Love Your Body’ campaign

By Megan Palumbo

2016-04-03 15.14.16.png
Students supported the campaign by posting to Instagram and tagging pictures with “#lcloveyourbody.” Photo courtesy of Haleigh West.

During the National Eating Disorder Awareness week, February 21 through the 27, Lasell College’s Active Minds group ventured around Lasell asking students to participate in the second annual ‘Love Your Body’ campaign. Active Minds members Brianna Silvia, Makayla McKenna, and Mackenzie Dineen walked around campus handing out waivers for students to get involved in the campaign.

“We give students a piece of paper to write one thing they love about themselves, and an explanation if they would like,” said Dineen. “At the end we compile all the pictures to make a video for the club.”

Along with the video, Active Minds reached out to students through Facebook posts, and creating their own hashtag, “#lcloveyourbody,” for students to actively spread the love on their own accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

The objective for this campaign was to support National Eating Disorders Association, as well as spread a positive outlook for Lasell students.

“This campaign is a good way to show appreciation for yourself and give yourself a positive outlook on yourself,” McKenna said. “Everyone needs a positive push now and then, especially in college when students are trying to find themselves.”


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