Freshman Libby Castaldi spreads her positive light on campus

By Lindsay Tavarozzi

Libby Castaldi removes the cap from her treasured Lady Danger MAC lipstick. Her face just inches from the mirror, she puckers her lips and applies the shade of tangerine, the finishing touch to her morning routine.

In the moments that follow, she will make the strategic decision of which bag will accompany her outfit, which was most likely chosen the night before.

First year student Libby Castaldi has already left a mark on Lasell through her artistic ability, involvement on campus, and positive outlook on life. Photograph by Lindsay Tavarozzi.

As a child, Libby was your typical “girly-girl.” She would often walk down the stairs of her home in Westerly, Rhode Island saying to her parents, “Look at my fabulous shoes!” According to Libby, she would never let anyone pick out her clothes. She loved shopping, even at a young age. It comes as no surprise that she is currently studying fashion design at Lasell College.

Her roommates, first-year students Amber O’Brien and Olivia Angerosa, would tell you that Libby has the best sense of style. “I noticed her sense of style right away. She could dress as someone new every day and you would have no idea. She can pull off any style,” said O’Brien.

“I don’t think I’ve seen her wear a backpack,” said Angerosa. “Actually, I don’t even think I’ve seen her wear the same outfit twice.”

Every resident student at Lasell College is provided with a bed, wardrobe, dresser, and desk. With the substantial amount of clothing, shoes, and handbags that Libby has, she needed a second wardrobe.

“Her makeup is on her desk in one of those professional organizers…like Kylie Jenner would have,” said Angerosa. Along with her scrupulous choice of outfits, she also takes pride in doing her makeup each morning.

Libby’s fashion sense is just a small glimpse of her artistic identity. She spends a great deal of her free time drawing, painting, and sculpting. According to Libby, she has been making art since she can remember. “When all of the other kids would be playing at recess, I would be drawing. I would draw any chance I could get,” she said.

It was in high school that she really began to take advantage of her artistic talent. “My art teacher was the one who really got me into drawing. He noticed how much I loved art and he pushed and motivated me to do more of it,” she said. She took an AP [advanced placement] arts class where she was instructed to create a collection of 24 pieces. She said, “It’s not like you just make 24 pieces…you make like a million before you choose the best ones.”

According to one of Libby’s professors, Deborah Baldizar, “Libby is a talented artist. Her portraits are sensitively drawn and capture a true essence of the person she is portraying.”

It isn’t just tangible art that she creates. She also dances and does yoga in her spare time. “I started dancing when I was three. I did tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, modern, lyrical, and ensemble,” she said.

According to the dance team captain Rose Leger, Libby was showing interest in the dance team even before she began at Lasell. “Before she even came to tryouts I wanted her on the team,” said Leger.

Within her first few weeks at Lasell, she tried out for the dance team alongside 34 other girls. Six students made the team and Libby was one of them. According to Leger, the team really enjoys her presence. “She’s always in a good mood. She’s positive about everything and she’s always willing to learn, which is important in the environment that I’m in with her,” said Leger.

Her fellow members of the dance team call her Barbie. “She’s blonde, beautiful, she always wears pink lipstick and heels, and is always so put together,” said Leger.

With immense flexibility from 15 years of dance, doing yoga is something that Libby is passionate about. When she is back in her hometown, she often does yoga on the beach. “I lay out a giant towel and put a yoga mat on top on the most secluded beach, Naptatree Beach in Watch Hill,” she said.

Yoga has become an important part of her life throughout the past few years. It has even helped mold some of Libby’s closest relationships at Lasell. “I was taking pictures of her all throughout November for her yoga challenge. It was a great way for us to bond outside of dance,” said Leger.

Libby also introduced her older sister, Stephanie Castaldi to yoga to help with her multiple sclerosis. “My sister is who motivates me. Everywhere she goes, she’s positive and continues to stay that way, even with her MS,” said Libby.

According to Angerosa, family is one of the most important things in Libby’s life. The wall above her bed is even covered in photos of her family and friends from home. “Whenever her family comes, I can tell that they’re all very close. Family is a huge part of everything for her,” said Angerosa.

“Being with her family and making art are her happy places,” said Angerosa.

Although she is easily engrossed in art and other things that she loves, she is not as interested in reading. “I really just can’t read things that I’m not interested in…unless you give me a Marie Claire or something,” said Libby. If it doesn’t have to do with one of her passions, she has a difficult time getting engaged and that’s what she would consider to be one of her flaws.

“I think everyone falls in love with her the second they meet her,” said O’Brien. “She is constantly smiling and looking for a way to make others happy.

Libby puts all of her energy and effort into the things she enjoys in life, always keeping a positive attitude. Throughout high school, people often made comments to her about dressing up everyday. “I kind of struggled with insecurities at that time. I believe that if you look good, you feel good. I don’t want to be out in public and not feel my best. If you put forth a good effort, people notice,” she said.

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  1. What the fucking hell did I just waste 10 minutes of my life reading. This isn’t an article, this is a fucking love story between the person that wrote this and the girl she wrote about. No one gives a fuck that some privledged snob got an extra wardrobe cause her daddy paid for her to get one. Get a fucking grip! I lost brain cells and years of my life after reading this.
    For the record, this Libby chick clearly wrote the article herself.

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