Affluenza affecting Lasell

By Jackie Colombie – 1851 Staff

Affluenza is defined as a social theory claiming that individuals with privileged and wealthier backgrounds sometimes struggle to determine the difference between right and wrong due to the nature of their upbringing. While reading this definition, I couldn’t help but feel like the term applied to our campus in regards to parking. This is not to imply that everyone on this campus is from a wealthy background, but I think people should be more appreciative of how fortunate they are to have a parking spot on campus.Often times, I hear student complaints along the lines of, “I don’t get why I received a parking ticket. I just parked in the handicapped spot because there were no open spots left in my assigned lot.” Sometimes the complaints even go to the extent of, “Oh my god, I had to walk all the way across campus to get to my assigned parking lot.”

To all who complain about parking, in most cases you are wrong. Handicapped parking spaces are for handicapped persons. Restricted areas are restricted. Your assigned lot may be all the way across campus because there are not enough spots around particular residence halls, but at least your car is on campus.

I wish I had my car on campus, but unfortunately mine is in my driveway, 120 miles away. Sure, in a perfect world, I would want my car parked near my residence hall, and having it closer than 120 miles away would be wonderful. Even parking at Riverside Station would be fine because at least my car would be accessible.

To all the people who complain about the parking situation here at Lasell, it may be inconvenient to walk across campus to your lot, but there are worse things in life. There are not enough spots in a specific area to make everyone happy, but think about what happens when you decide to park in a lot that you aren’t assigned to. By doing what is convenient for you, you create an inconvenience for someone assigned to said lot, triggering a domino effect of frustration and annoyance.

It could be affluenza or just self-centered behavior, but people’s decision-making in regards to parking is becoming a campus-wide problem. Hopefully, students will realize their inconvenience is a lot more convenient than the parking situation for their peers who may not have vehicles at all.

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