News Brief

The vote on smoking goes public

The campus wide non-binding referendum on the college’s tobacco policy took place on April 19 and the results are in. In total, 599 votes were cast by students, staff and faculty, as well as by some residents of Lasell Village.

295 votes (49.2 percent) voted for the resolution, while 304 (50.8 percent) voted against.

Every group-except undergraduate students-voted in favor of the resolution, which would ban the use of tobacco products on both college and Village premises.

The majority of undergraduates voted against the resolution. On the other hand, the majority of employees, including faculty and staff, as well as graduate students and residents of Lasell Village voted for the resolution.

When asked about next steps, President Michael Alexander said: “We’re going to do what we said we were going to do. We’re going to circle back to the three sponsors of the referendum-The Faculty Assembly, Student Government, and the Management Council-to share results and get their input, and then, the Senior Management Team will decide.”- Alex Balletto – 1851 Staff

Sex trafficking campaign brings awareness to campus

On Wednesday April 13 students in Professor Betsy Leondar-Wright’s social justice class held an awareness movement in front of Winslow Hall about the horrific issue of sex trafficking and their proposed bill LAST872, which stands for Lasell Against Sex Trafficking. The students of the class created a life-size doll box painted pink with black statements and statistics of sex trafficking as part of their petitioning event.

Those interested in the campaign were provided with an explanation of the cause and were urged to call the state house representatives on the card to pledge for the passing of the bill. The class also petitioned on April 21 at the State House. #LAST872 – Haleigh Santilli – Arts Editor

New house on Grove Street

Construction has begun on a new house for the President of the college, located on Grove Street. The new house will be a replacement for Hamel House, which was changed from the President’s house to the Admissions Welcome Center in 2007.

The house was built in 1855, renovated in 1910, and purchased by Lasell in 2006. The plan for the house is to have the first floor serve as a meeting space for Lasell students, faculty, and the Board of Trustees, while the second and third floors will be the President and family’s residence.

Construction on the house began in October and is expected to be done by December 2016.

“[The house] will provide the College with an iconic meeting space that has been missing from the community for many years,” said Diane Parker, Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance. – Seán McGlone – News Editor

TAG Day comes to campus for the first time 

The first annual Thank-A-Giver (TAG) Day took place on Tuesday, April 5. A day dedicated to thanking donors of the college, the event’s mission was to bring students closer to donors and to educate students on the Lasell Fund.

“All the things you see around campus [are contributed through the Lasell Fund]. All the signs, athletic teams, clubs, and organizations get support,” said Kelsey Brogna, Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving.

According to Lasell’s website, the Lasell Fund “supports the Lasell community – the students, the faculty, the College itself” and “supports current-year academic and extracurricular programs.” With more than 70 clubs on campus and 17 varsity sports, the money from the Lasell Fund directly contributes to success.

TAG Day’s events consisted of raffles, refreshments, and a photo booth with props.

Senior Gabriella Gianegregorio, intern for Alum Relations and Development of Lasell, said, “Our biggest goal was educating students about the Lasell Fund. We are hoping an event like this will bring awareness.”

TAG Day was brought to students by the Office of Alumni Relations in Irwin House. – Krista DeJulio –Co-Editor-in-Chief

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